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Dog Grooming + Care Services

Standard High-Quality Dog Grooming*

Caring and comprehensive grooming with physician insight that includes the following:

  • Standard health evaluation without laboratory testing
  • Hydro-massage oxygen-infused bath with Dr. Pete’s High-Quality Proprietary Formula Shampoo and Conditioners, and coat treatment specially designed for a clean, pleasantly scented coat while preventing the stripping of natural oils that protect and moisturize your pet’s skin. 
  • Warm-air hand drying
  • Minimum 15-minute coat brushing of loose coat
  • De-matting and high-quality hair trim
  • Ear cleaning and hair removal (breed specific)
  • Clean and delicate trim as needed around eyes
  • Nail trim
  • Feet hair trim and pad-hair shaving
  • Sanitary trim of groin and anal areas
  • Anal gland expressing and cleaning
  • Add-on Services Available Here

Premium Dog Grooming*

Includes everything provided in the Standard High-Quality Dog Grooming, PLUS:

  • Coat styling and detailing
  • Nail filing (a fine Pawdicure, including removing sharp edges and nail contouring).
  • Teeth brushing with Dr. Pete’s High-Quality Proprietary Formula Tooth Paste for the sensitivity and uniqueness of pet teeth and gums, plus breath freshener. (This will not remove visible tarter build-up. See Add-Ons for tartar removal)
  • Facial with Dr. Pete’s High-Quality Proprietary Formula Facial Wash and Moisturizer
  • Vanilla oil and/or coconut oil Infused Lanolin nose and pad balm and paw massage
  • Long-lasting scented cologne/perfume spritz
  • Bandana or bow or other available accessories
  • Free Premium Grooming Brush included with first Premium Grooming for you to continue coat conditioning between groomings
  • Add-on Services Available Here

*All services listed in Standard High-Quality or Premium Grooming will be included unless you request otherwise.

Dog Grooming Rates

To provide Standard High-Quality Dog Grooming it takes a minimum of 1.0 hour regardless of breed.

To provide Premium Dog Grooming it takes a minimum of 1.5 hours regardless of breed.

Different breeds take different amounts of time to groom.  Many of the smaller popular breeds and certain popular large breeds take less time to groom.  Other breeds (examples: Cocker and Springer Spaniels, Chows, etc.) and any breed or mixed breed with longer, fuller, full body scissor, or extravagant patterns or show type coats will take longer than an hour.  Please see my Breed-Based Average Grooming Time document for approximate time it takes to groom specific breeds.

Other variables, such as frequency of grooming, if brushing is done by owner between groomings, coat condition, hygiene, overall health, and temperament, can add time needed to complete the grooming.

Estimates will be provided upon request prior to grooming and are individualized based upon your pet's breed, size, hygiene and coat condition, which determines the difficulty and time needed for a proper grooming. Puppies (under 6 months) receive a 10% discount on everything.

Clients that plan ahead and schedule appointments far in advance can receive up to a 20% discount for each grooming appointment. See Advanced Scheduling Discounts for details.

The following chart is a general guideline to approximate the cost within the range of grooming estimates shown above for Standard High-Quality Dog Grooming, or Premium Dog Grooming. This is designed to help you approximate the estimate. This does not include Add-on services that you may request and does not include the mobile surcharge, or emergency and expedited services*. Please see my Payment & Terms page for additional information.

DOGS (Puppies 10% off)
Grooming Charge
(excluding mobile surcharge)
1 hour$61
1 hr 15 min$74
1 hr 30 min$88
1 hr 45 min$102
2 hours$117
2 hr 15 min$131
2 hr 30 min$145
2 hr 45 min$160
3 hours$174
3 hr 15 min$188
3 hr 30 min$202
3 hr 45 min$217
4 hours$232

Dr. Pete’s Groom + Care Pricing: With Dr. Pete’s mobile pet grooming and care you get high-quality and premium grooming and care with physician insight which may cost slightly more than what it costs for an average groomer’s service, but less than what a veterinary office visit typically costs. My entire focus is solely on your pet, one at a time, and provides more than what a typical pet groomer can provide. In addition to high-quality and premium grooming, I provide basic animal care services, first aid, basic veterinary treatments and veterinary insight to help you determine if you need to get additional veterinary services from a licensed veterinarian. **

* Add 50% for emergency services or if expedited services are needed prior to the next available appointment date.

** Dr. Pete Sutherland, DVM is a retired from both veterinary medicine and teaching (Allied Medical Health, Anatomy and Physiology and Biology) and does not have a current active veterinary medical license. Dr. Pete will not provide any treatments, nor medicines that require a veterinary medical license.

Dr. Pete, Sutherland, DVM does not sedate, nor tranquilize pets, however he has a professional relationship with a local licensed veterinarian and will occasionally set up appointments during which the licensed veterinarian can provide sedation or tranquilization in conjunction with Dr. Pete’s grooming and care. 

Please refer to the services and rates list for the services that Dr. Pete will provide. 

In case of an emergency for your pet, call your licensed veterinarian or an emergency veterinary clinic.

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