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Dr. Pete's Service Area Map

Here's my service area:


This is our primary service area and include all of Ann Arbor, Chelsea, Dexter, Saline and parts of Ypsilanti and Brighton. For service calls within 10 miles of Dexter, MI a standard $18 Mobile Surcharge* applies. For service calls between 11-20 miles of Dexter, MI a standard $35 Mobile Surcharge applies. See below for more information.


For service calls outside the yellow area (20 mile radius of Dexter, MI), there is an additional $11 surcharge per 5 miles distance, and applies to much of Ypsilanti, Brighton, Plymouth, Howell, Milan, Clinton, etc. See below for more information. Please contact me with questions or for an estimate.


* Dr. Pete’s Mobile Surcharge:

Covers the costs of fuel, wear-and-tear of a heavy grooming vehicle, and costs associated with transit time to be able to provide the convenience of a mobile service visit.

For multi-pet visits, the mobile surcharge is only applied once per trip, (to the first pet groomed for billing purposes).

For service calls outside the 20-mile radius, the service charge is an additional $11 for each 5 mile range of additional travel applies. For example 21-25 miles is a $46 surcharge ($35 + $11), 26-30 miles = $57 surcharge, 31-36 miles = $68 surcharge, etc…

Located In

Dexter, MI



Phone: 734-883-8687