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What are the advantages of Dr. Pete coming to your home to provide high quality grooming and care with physician insight? 

Here are some of the appealing advantages:

  • Convenience. Your time is valuable. While Dr. Pete grooms and cares for your pet, you are free to handle other chores or activities around your house. Also, you do not have to take the time to corral your pet(s) into your vehicle, nor spend the time driving to the grooming shop, waiting at the grooming shop for 1-3 hours, leaving a pet all day at a shop, arranging drop off and pick up, nor clean up the mess that your pet(s) can create in your vehicle (from car sickness, dirt, hair or other messes!)
  • One-on-one-attention. Typically, all brick and mortar grooming shops that require you to transport your pets(s) to the grooming shop are taking care of a number of pets at the same time and they have multiple distractions from co-workers, clients, and pets being checked in and out. They are usually washing one pet while grooming another, while another is being dried (often in a scary cage!). With Dr. Pete’s mobile pet grooming and care, my entire focus is solely on your pet, one at a time, and I provide more than what a typical pet groomer can provide.
  • Physician insight without the time and higher cost of a veterinary office visit. With Dr. Pete’s mobile pet grooming and care you get high-quality and premium grooming and care with physician insight.  This may cost slightly more than what it costs for an average groomer’s service, but less than what a veterinary office visit typically costs. My entire focus is solely on your pet, one at a time and I provide more than what a typical pet groomer can provide. In addition to high-quality and premium grooming, I provide basic animal care services and veterinary and nutrition advice, first aid, basic veterinary treatments and veterinary insight to help you determine if you need to get additional veterinary services from a licensed veterinarian. *
  • Less stress for you and your pet. Part of the anxiety for your pet is leaving his or her home for a grooming that may or may not be a pleasurable experience. Using Dr. Pete's mobile pet grooming eliminates the discomfort, stress, and/or anxiety on the part of your pet that they would have from both the car ride to the groomer, and the noisy, chaotic environment of the grooming room at the grooming shop. Also, knowing your pet is experiencing less stress and that your pet is being groomed right outside your home should be less stress for you.  For more information regarding why it is usually best not to have a pet's caretaker present in the grooming space with their pet during the grooming process, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.
  • More calming for your pet. The grooming experience at many pet groomers can be uncomfortable and stressful and this is the most common reason that pets don’t seem to like going to the groomer and get upset, even if they are going to the same grooming shop every time.  Pets are very sensitive to changes due to what pets and people happen to be at the shop at the time that your pet is there, who is doing each part of the bathing, drying and grooming and what the environment in the shop happens to be at that time. The experience that your pet will have with Dr. Pete in his mobile grooming unit will be consistent every time, will provide familiarity with Dr. Pete's high-quality grooming with physician insight every time. Getting groomed by Dr. Pete in the calm of the mobile salon at home could show your pet that the experience is nothing to be scared of.  
  • More comfortable for your pet.  Many pet groomers keep pets in crates or cages when they aren’t being groomed. This makes sense, because mixing a number of pets together is only asking for trouble, and it allows the groomer to get more pets through the “grooming mill” faster (although the time it takes for your individual pet is usually longer since the time your pet is often being held in a cage is a significant part of the total time that the grooming takes).  For a pet that is locked up in a cage or crate in a strange place, with strange smells and strange/loud noises, the time spent at the pet groomer’s shop is uncomfortable and stressful.  When you choose Dr. Pete, you and your pet will never experience the discomfort, nor stress of the "grooming mill" and Dr. Pete rarely uses a crate and only does so when a pet is more comfortable during the drying process, and at your request. 
  • Great for pets that are older, disabled and/or experiencing pain or discomfort. There are many aspects of grooming that are soothing and positive for pets. The bathing, combing and brushing removes dead skin and can be very calming. But as pets get older, they may not tolerate trips to the grooming shop as well as they once did. If you have an older pet, Dr. Pete will get your pet’s coat to the highest quality condition as possible and that will improve your pet’s physical and mental health. Also, Dr. Pete uses ramps and mechanical lifts as often as needed.
  • No spreading of diseases between pets. Since Dr. Pete only has one pet at a time in the grooming space in the mobile unit and cleans and disinfects between pets, there is no risk of any of the diseases that are more commonly spread in a groomer’s shop.

* Dr. Pete Sutherland, DVM is a retired from both veterinary medicine and teaching (Allied Medical Health, Anatomy and Physiology and Biology) and does not have a current active veterinary medical license. Dr. Pete will not provide any treatments, nor medicines that require a veterinary medical license.

Dr. Pete, Sutherland, DVM does not sedate, nor tranquilize pets, however he has a professional relationship with a local licensed veterinarian and will occasionally set up appointments during which the licensed veterinarian can provide sedation or tranquilization in conjunction with Dr. Pete’s grooming and care.

Please refer to the services and rates list for the services that Dr. Pete will provide. 

In case of an emergency for your pet, call your licensed veterinarian or an emergency veterinary clinic.

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Phone: 734-883-8687